Friday, January 10, 2014

Out Of This World Crafts!!

I have had an interesting Christmas Break. I worked almost 40 hours a week; I spent Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day - as well as Thanksgiving - at work, making this the first year I have ever spent the holidays away from my family.

So I just haven't really blogged much. I've been busy with school, obviously work, and trying to get all set for graduation. Which is on May 17th. EEEEEEEK. That blows my mind. 

But now that I have a little bit of breathing time, I think it's time revisit my dear blog and you, my darling readers. 

Today, I want to share with you two totally awesome, "out of this world" craft projects I got to do over break!!!

I am a huge fan of the "galaxy trend." I think it's sweet and super stylish. I really wanted a pair of shoes with the galaxy print on them, and upon research I found out that those were very very pricey. 

And I am very very cheap. 

So what was my solution? I decided to make them myself, naturally. 


 1) The Shoes: I had a pair of basic black Vans that I had bought when I waiting tables on the docks at Willow Bay. I didn't really wear them much outside of that. 
2) The Paint: Then I bought 5 colors of paint, in the tones that were the most common in the most of the galaxy prints. I used those little acrylic paints that cost like a dollar bottle. 

3) A sponge brush: I used an inch wide sponge brush for some of the wider strokes, though I honestly just ended up finger painting once I wanted to get more specific with the details. 

Optional: GLITTER: Though not required, I really liked how it ended up looking once I added fine, purple glitter into some of the paint. I thought it gave the pattern a little more depth and I was able to draw emphasis to certain parts. Plus, glitter. I love glitter.  

Then I just started to paint. 
1) I started with the dark blue as a base coat over the whole shoe. 
2) Then I added purple, trying to create some shadow. This is when I first started adding glitter. 
3) Once I added the pink, I started trying to curve it, and make shapes. I tried to make the edges really blurry and well blended, like the edges of galaxies. 
4) For the white and the gray, I used the corner of the sponge brush so it would have a very soft effect, like the edges of clouds. The white and gray also made  the shadow and highlight effect that gives the whole shoe depth. 

The finished project <3
 I love them!!! I cannot wait for it to get a little drier so I can wear them outside!

A word of caution I would give about this sort of project:

It's going to look like crap up until probably the highlights and shadows. 
I was so discouraged and irritated with how they were coming along and then all of a sudden, once I started adding that white in, it started to take shape.

So don't give up on them! 
Just keep trucking along and you're going to have an awesome piece of statement footwear. 

I also rebuilt a tshirt, following along with the galaxy trend. This was a really easy project.

1) Tee: It can be any t-shirt, mine is a gray, lace backed tee from Rue21.
2) Some sort of nerd-tastic tee: Mine is naturally Star Wars, discovered in the men's section of Goodwill.
3) Paint: I used exactly the same paints as the aforementioned shoe project.

Okay, then, I cut the logo out of the Star Wars Tee shirt, and sewed it onto the other.

I used a big stitch and left the edges frayed, so it would look a little distressed.

Then I painted the galaxy design around the decal, going up the neckline and down the side. I used the same pattern as before, starting with dark blue, purple, hot pink, and the highlights and shadows. I also used a silver sharpie to add in some randomly placed stars.

I am also pretty excited to wear this. I will probably pair it with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a blazer, and a big chunky necklace. I will post pictures when the day comes (: 

I have another craft post I am really excited to share with you tomorrow so stay tuned!!