Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I turned 21 yesterday. 

Which is cool but a little bit crazy. 

It's like the last big milestone birthday besides being able to rent a car, and, really, that isn't nearly as exciting as being able to order alcohol with your dinner just because you CAN.


The thing about birthdays is that you are reminded that you have the most loving and generous family (Alright, I've known that for awhile and am reminded of that everyday, but I'm just saying... ) to spoil you and 100s of amazing friends. My Facebook page was blowing up with messages of love and cheer! Thank you to each of you well-wishers!

Another thanks to everyone who came out with me! It felt so good to emerge from a tough semester and then just feel showered with love and care and be in a light-hearted atmosphere. 

Let's just say I had a great birthday.

And it kicked off what is looking to be a great summer.

I am working for IRTY this summer as a lead teachers which is a HUGE honor.

I am playing Leisl Von Trapp in The Sound of Music this summer.

And I have callbacks for a production of Grease tomorrow night.

While I still need another part time job, these are already great opportunities that I would never have been brave enough to take before. Opportunites I would have wanted to take, but I never would have actually done it.
Lately I've been trying to do things that I say I want to do, rather than saying I want to do something and then just... not doing it.  I have a hard time taking all the ideas I have and actually putting them into action.  But I realize that the only reason things aren't happening is because I don't do them!

I saw a quote once that said, "A year from now, you'll wish you'd started today" and I feel like that so frequently. If I had gone to that audition. If I had taken that chance. If I had broken up then. If I had gone for that kiss.




Blah, blah, blah. Who cares about ifs? They're in the past. They don't matter at this point.

I want to live more fully.  Less regrets.  Less wishing and hoping.  More doing and being.

Since I am an adult and all! I think I'm going to be brave. And going to let my smile, however goofy, shine forth and be a little ray of sunshine.