Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Girl Is On Fire

I have recently started a morning yoga routine (on the mornings I don't have ballet) to get my energy flowing and help wake my body up before class. Sure, some days I oversleep and miss it, but I can really tell the difference in the days that I take a little time to ground myself and get centered.
Some people use traditional yoga music...I use indie and pop. Few thing relax more than Josh Ritter. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis get me pumped. And Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys just makes me feel like a rock star. So I use that song, almost every morning, along with some other pop girl empowering music. It's my little guilty secret.

I feel like on the days that I skip my yoga (and before I started doing it), I get so overwhelmed by all the things I have to get done. And to be honest, I hold myself to a high standard and I also have a lot to get done. So I don't have time for too many emotional meltdowns.

I do my yoga and then I arm myself for my day. What does my armor consist of?

1. My iPod. Filled with showtunes, indie, and pop. Because I am an equal opportunity music lover. Except for metal. I don't really like metal.
2.My waterbottle. I get cranky and tend to throw up when I don't drink enough water.
3. The snack pocket. Is the best pocket of my backpack. Is filled with granola bars, fruit snacks, a cup of oatmeal (sometime), craisins, wheat thins. I also tend to throw up and get shaky when I forget to eat. Hence the snack pocket.
4. My celly. I don't go many places without it. I am in constant contact with my mother and father, as well as my friends. Though I got a little to reliant on it during my relationship with the Captain, so I am working on texting less and being present.
5. My outfit. I dress myself very deliberately. If I feel crummy, I am going to wear the brightest colors and best fitting clothes I own - like red corduroys, or high heels, or dresses. I have a very strict no-sweats rule, and yoga pants are only acceptable to ballet, sometimes, if I really, really, really don't want to put a leotard on. 
6. My knowledge of the fact that God put me here, in this place, with these tasks for a reason. Otherwise, I would look at my planner and cry way more than I already do!
  Just kidding. That doesn't happen often. Only like once or twice.

So this is my recharge week and I have been loving it. I have slept way too much and already done lots of thrifting and sewing projects.

And reading.

 I love having time to read. Here's a book I am working on at the moment.
It's a hefty one. But it is so great. It was a book that a friend just handed to me and said, "Here's your spring break reading material." And I said, "ok!"

I don't want to give anything away, but read this book! The language is gorgeous, described as "ineffable" and having engulfed readers in its "limitless beauty." It's a historical fiction sort of novel, so I understand if maybe that's not what you're into, you might want to skip it. But it is definitely a novel to give a chance. Mark Helprin is an author I will want to read more of.

I look at reading and sewing as parts of my armor as well, though they are parts that I cannot maintain as easily or readily as my snack pocket. They are more like parts of my foundation, things I can do that leave a lasting impression. A really good book stays with you, as does a great sewing project.

Speaking of sewing, I altered this great plaid shirt this week.

Before! Just really too big, though it did only cost $3 at a thrift store. I couldn't let a nice flannel like that just get away!

After! With my mom's help, I put 8 darts in the back (4 going each direction) and sewed them down with a red blanket stitch. The darts made the shirt tighter, as well as making an almost bustle-effect of my hips. If I had thought about it, I would have taken a picture from the side as well.

I love being at home with a sewing machine! It makes my DIY desires much easier to act upon.

There is this doctor who also inspires me; he goes by the name of Seuss, Dr. Seuss. And he always provides great little gems of wisdom. I like this one - even though it is thrown about a little less.

 "I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see."

I think Dr. Seuss and Alica Keys have the right idea- troubles can't touch us because we are superstars. Whether we remember we are superstars because we feel good that day or because we need to drag the ol' bat out of the self esteem closet and beat the troubles down, we are nonetheless. 

 "Speak softly and carry a big bat," Teddy Roosevelt said, and that's not just about being aggressive. That's speaking to self preservation. Don't let life bring you down. We are never given more than we can handle, but we are given all the equipment and armor and foundation we need to go out and fight the world.

This girl is on fire! Getting stuff done; kicking ass and taking names, as the saying goes.

 Let's keep on keeping on! Happy spring!