Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Contents of My Closet

Just a portion of my extensive closet.

 So I have been thinking of doing this post for a really long time, but I kept putting it off because I knew how long it would take to count and photograph all my clothes. But I did it!

So we are going to look at, first, the sheer magnitude of clothing that I have, as well how many of them are second hand and how many of them are handmade.

In college, it is really easy to shop when you're bored. Or sad. Or lonely. Or happy. Or angry. Or trying to kill time. Or whatever. And, therefore, you can run out of money faster than you can say "ooh shoes." So I am working on a way to get my shopping fix in without driving my bank account into the ground (besides just having self control).

Second hand stores! Sure, thrifting can be hard work, but you can get some finds that you will wear all time!


Dresses are my favorite thing to wear. I would wear a dress everyday if I didn't live in a snowy, windy city that even tights and legwarmer can't keep me warm in.
52 dresses!!!! (3 maxi dresses)
14 of them are second-hand
12 of of them are handmade

Look at all the colors in my skirt selection! Lots of colors and patterns (and, yes, one of them is a sequin mermaid tail) - I really do have a skirt for any occasion.
22 skirts!
4 of them are second-hand.
2 of them are handmade.

Sweaters are one of my favorite winter wardrobe pieces, especially on the way to 8 am classes in negative degree weather. One of my favorite sweaters the second-hand  mustard sweater on the right - I added maroon elbow patches to it and I think that makes it really fun!   
I own 11 sweaters.
5 of them are second-hand.
2 of them are homemade - though I do have to give my mom the credit there, I am not a proficient knitter or crocheter.

I also have a lot of these, I think they're great for spring or fall evenings when a full jacket is just too much. I have a GREAT vintage, teal-velvet jacket, with brass buttons and laces up the back - you can see the sleeve at the very top of this picture - that was a Christmas gift. 
I have 22 blazers and jackets and such.
10 of them are second hand (though most of the rest came off of clearance racks).

 I am kind of new with vests, but it's a trend I am excited to try out for spring. I have had the two flowing vests for a while and wear them exclusively in the summer, but I think the more structures ones will be fun with tank tops, dresses, plain tees, anything and will add a quirky element to a more boring outfit. 
I have 5 vests.
4 of them are secondhand.
1 of them is handmade (the floral one - one of my friends crocheted the straps and did the sewing for me)

This number really shocked me! I almost don't want to confess how many shirts I have. It's bad. 
I have 83 shirts. 83! WHAT. 
30 of them are second-hand, and, again, many of them were bought on clearance and at sales. But still. Holey moley.

I have 22 tanks in all - ranging from dressy to more of a workout type of tank.
And 6 of them are second hand.

Writing about my shorts and tank tops makes me really miss summertime! But it's coming! 
I have 11 pairs of shorts. 
7 of them are second-hand.
1 pair is homemade - meaning I cut them off and painted them myself. 

 I have 6 pairs of pants, including teal, coral, plaid, red, and mint ones.
4 pairs of them are second hand.

Whoa. I have a lot of clothes. But as you can see, this a huge collection compiled from all sorts of places. It is perfectly possible to have a wardrobe built from things you make yourself or get from inexpensive places. 

The key to thrifting is to keep looking. There are plenty of times that I go into Goodwill and do not find a single thing. But other times I go in and come out with a ton of stuff. I regularly stop into my favorite thrift stores and anytime I'm in the mall I check my favorite clearance racks. 

In order to save money, though, I have a list of things I am looking for for my wardrobe, with things in order of need, like a white tee shirt is ahead of brown lace-up boots. I also keep a list of DIYs I want to do, right now I am turning a pair of thrift store jeans into polka dot jeans with some white paint, because polka dot jeans cost about $100 dollars from a store. So far, my pair costs about $20.

Some of my favorite stores: 
The Hope Center
The Storm Cellar (which is a local consignment shop, that I really think should give me a loyal customer discount)
Rue21 (definitely a hit or miss store, however)
DownEast Outfitters (try to catch those sales!!!!)

If you start looking for something, like a peplum top, that helps, but don't forget to look at patterns too! With Pinterest, we have access to all sorts of DIYs  and patterns and you can alter anything to your little heart's content. 

Also, when you thrift, clearance shop, or sew, you end up with a wardrobe that is entirely your own, from every decade, that fits every mood, and just says YOU. 

One of these days, I'll do this post for my shoes and jewelry and scarves and hats too. 

Happy thrifting!
Happy styling!!