Monday, March 11, 2013

Shooting Stars

I am on Spring Break from the hardest semester ever! So far.  Knock on wood.

 I listen to everybody making their plans to go on trips and play and go a little "Girls Gone Wild" as I quietly pack my bag to go to my lovely mountain home and recharge my batteries, with my list of crafts and projects. 

I am a little bit boring. Oh, wait, no, I'm not. I am hardworking, learning actor/singer/dancer who doesn't sleep enough or take enough time off.

Spring Break is a time for relaxing and there are few things for more relaxing for me than some thrift stores and some projects.

My super cool little brother and I went to a Owl City concert last night, to kick off my Spring Break. It was awesome.
It was like high school me's dream come true.

Most of the songs were off the new album which I haven't really listened to yet, and there was one song called "Shooting Star" that I really, really, kind of fell in love with.

When the sun goes down and the lights burn out 
Then it's time for you to shine 
Brighter than a shooting star
So shine no matter where you are 
Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light
'Cause its time for you to shine  
Brighter than a shooting star  
So shine no matter where you are... tonight

No matter how dark or overwhelming things end up feeling, we can always get through it.


Each of us is a shooting star, each of us is filled with energy and momentum and light. We can all change our worlds.

I have noticed that my quest for happiness has resulted in some major decisions - I moved, I removed myself from bad relationship and managed to stand by that decision, I built new friendships, I take time off when I am overwhelmed, I learned to say no, I learned to draw, and I became a fervent DIYer and  thrifter. 
Shoes: GIFT, Pants -Rue21 $0.60, Shirt - thrifted $0.99
This spring break, I have 10 thrift stores I want to hit up.
I also want to alter 2 (or 4) pairs of pants, depending on how the thrifting goes. I want to finish a pair of hand painted polka dot pants. And I get to start designing costumes for my school's Opera Scenes program. And I might make a pair of dinosaur heels.

Then I go back to Moscow for Star Wars Craft day. 

I've got some good stuff going on. And I'm happy. 

Stay happy!