Friday, March 15, 2013

Rawr Means I Love You

I made me a pair of dinosaur heels. I am really stinking excited about them. I think they are the coolest pair of footwear ever. 

These shoes got inspired by a friend's post on my wall - saying that she wanted to see these as soon as I made them.... And I replied that I didn't think I was quite fabulous enough for dinosaur heels. A few hours later, I had been thinking and thinking about them and, well, here we are.

I looked up the DIY she sent me and immediately got turned off.... There was filing and welding and all sorts of unnecessary work. I thought that there had to be an easier way to get these on my feet.

My parents actually came up with the insanely simple idea of just drilling a hole through the dinosaur. Which of course just made too much sense.

Then I went on the quest for the shoes and dinos. The heels were easy - Goodwill for $7!! Though I did go through a process for choosing them.

The original DIY used a pair of brightly colored snake skin looking heels to further the dinosaur theme. I did have my hands on a green suede pair and a tan snakeskin pair when I saw these blacks. And I decided those were the ones. The reason I went with a "boring" pair of heels was so that I  could wear these shoes




And instead of having them be this flamboyant statement piece, I wanted to mellow them out and make them a little more "vogue" or "chic" or "classy" or whatever word can be used to describe dinosaur heels.

The dinosaur process was waaaay harder. They don't carry toy dinosaurs at Wal-Mart in the discount aisle anymore - which really horrified me. What on Earth is going on with our children's toys nowadays? NO DINOSAURS?

So then I checked the dollar store in my little town and found those packs of multiple dinosaurs, got two of those, and selected the Tyrannosaurus - though I was greatly tempted by the Apatosaurus, but I thought the long neck might be impractical for everyday wear. fa

I didn't know what I would do if his neck snapped off or something.

Once I got the supplies, it was relatively easy. My dad drilled the holes.

Because for some reason, they don't trust me with heavy power tools. 
Me. Perfectly graceful me. 
What on Earth? 
Then we stuck him on there with some glue et viola.

Dinosaur heels. No welding required.

One of the many things I like about them is that from the front, they just look like everyday black heels. Then from the side or the back: 



I think they're great. I wore them for volunteering at the elementary school yesterday and they were a hit with K-5 graders, as well as teachers. 

One more great piece added to my wardrobe - CHECK. 

I really deliberated this picture... I think I look dumb. But I was told it was endearing and cute with the post.
Remember - t-rex hates pushups. (I do too actually).
                     Dinosaurs were extinct before it was cool (that's an Ice Age joke, folks).
                    What kind of material do dinosaurs use for their floors? Rep Tiles. 

I could tell bad dinosaur jokes and post memes and such all day. But I'll spare you.