Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Touch Of Whimsy In Our Lives

There is no shame in being whimsical. Allowing whimsy into your everyday in subtle ways is something I think is very important. Allowing yourself a chance to be a little bit





is so good for you! People have little desk sand gardens and stress balls as a way to relieve tensions, but there has to be a better way.

And I am so authoritative and knowledgeable on what is best for everyone so, honestly, trust me on this. 

Dr. Sheldon Cooper even says, "What is life without a bit of whimsy?" And if Sheldon allows whimsy into his life, I think we all can.

How can we add whimsy to our day to day lives? And what exactly is whimsy? 

 1. endearing quaintness or oddity: the quality of being slightly odd or playfully humorous, especially in an endearing way. 
2. impulsive notion: an idea that has no immediately obvious reason to exist
             Synonyms: quaintness, oddity, eccentricity, quirkiness, humorousness, oddness, whimsicality
Hmmm, okay, none of these things seem too bad in any way.
Quirky - good.
Endearing -better!
Impulsiveness - Ooooh. Maybe that has a little bit of a negative connotation. But maybe if we look at Definition 2 as a whole, it will clear itself up. Something that has no obvious reason to exist. Something that an outsider looking in doesn't understand why it exists.

My ex bought a violin last October. Why? Because he wanted to learn to play and he had a little extra money. What's wrong with that? 

Absolutely nothing! 
I think I even told him that I was glad he was letting his whimsy out.

That purchase didn't really make a ton of sense. But it was something he was excited about and something that made him happy. So, therefore, it was great! 

What do I have for whimsy in my life? Today I bought a small shelf to hang in my room. I bought that shelf to display dinosaur figures on. To be fair, they were the extras in the pack that my tyrannosaurus for the shoes came out of - more whimsy!
I don't care if other people think they're dumb. I think they're fun and it's my room.

I also try to be whimsical in my fashion choices, whether I do this subtly (with jewelry or scarves) or obviously.

Which leads me to another DIY I would like to tell you about. 

Polka Dotted Jeans. 

This is a trend that has been hot this last season. Hot and expensive - a decent pair running about $50-$100. And, well, I wanted in on the trend. 

So here we are. 

This is THE PANTS halfway finished. This was actually very easy, albeit time consuming.

I didn't do a grid first: I free handed it, and I think you can tell if you really look. I think if I were to make another pair, I probably would do a grid. I would recommend each dot being about 1 inch apart and the rows being about 1/2 inch above each other.

ANYWHO - I used a plain old acrylic white paint (the one that costs $0.97 at Wal-Mart, Michaels, Ben Franklin, wherever) and I actually used the end of a hot glue stick for my circles. That is also a matter of personal preference, depending on how large you want the dots to be.

I started at the bottom of the leg with 4 and 5 dots per row and as the pant leg widened towards the top, I just fudged it, adding in dots as needed in the inside of the leg where it would be less noticeable.

On the back, I kept the pattern consistent across the back pockets - I don't think anyone's bottom, let alone mine, needs too much extra attention, and I am already covering it in white dots so....

This took me probably 2 hours, but spread over 2 days. You must make sure to let them dry the whole way before flipping them over. That's important.

Also - to wash them, turn them INSIDE OUT (also important), wash on cold, and dry on low. And that should keep the paint from peeling off too much. Mine survived it just fine.

And that's it. Now you have a simple, easy pair of polka dot jeans. And they should cost you $20 or under, depending on where you get the jeans.

It also cost me 
large amounts of caffeine, 
paint encrusted fingernails,
painted hair,
and a heating pad for my lower back and knees.

But those things don't really matter, even if it didn't really make much sense to other people. I was excited about it - excited enough to not care about being crouched on the floor. Because I had a project that I worked on, that took my mind off schoolwork when I needed it to, and added a piece of whimsy to my closet. 

Mary Oliver says, "You must not ever stop being whimsical. And you must not, ever, give anyone else the responsibility for your life.” We have to keep that little touch of whimsy going in our lives, for our own sakes. If we give it up, we give up a part of ourselves that I don't think we really need to sacrifice.

Add some mini dinos or an R2D2 to your sand garden. Get a violin. Buy a fun lunchbox. Put a big vintage pin on your blazer before work. Or make a pair of polka dot jeans. Whatever works, right? 

Just get yourself some whimsy!