Friday, February 8, 2013

What Is Probably Not An Appropriate Outfit To Chase Dinosaurs In

My personality is a little whimsical. Last night my sister and I were discussing this Pinterest board I have called "This is me" and how it is this weird mix of beautiful, whimsical photography, snarky e-cards, and nerdy things. And I was wondering if I needed to subdivide the board down... and Bailey says, "But whimsically snarky is kind of your thing."  So just go with me on this.

I have an unreasonable love of dinosaurs. Let me just confess that. It's right up there with my love of Star Wars, Ruby Red Squirt, and shopping. In my room, I have 4 stuffed dinosaurs. I finished reading Crichton's Lost World for the umpteenth time this morning. And I still watch Land Before Time, which I have my 3 favorite on VHS for my sick days - who am I kidding, I watch them whenever I want to. And I am not especially embarrassed by this.
A nice whimsical dinosaur picture to enjoy.
And now, an outfit that is probably not appropriate to chase a dinosaur in, but, man, if a dinosaur - an appropriately non-lethal one - were to show up, I would chase it just the same.

Shirt - free, Belt - Target $10, Shorts - Walmart $9, Tights - Target $6, Shoes - Forever21 $15
Necklace - Walmart $4.99

Let's live in a whimsically snarky way!