Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stripes. Dear Me.

Dress - Thrifted $7, Tights - Target $5, Socks - Walmart $3, Boots - Ebay $15

Blue Necklace - Goodwill .49, Robot T-Rex Necklace - GIFT!
So. Here's something I thought would be fun. Post outfits and prices and become a wild Pinterest sensation/inspiration! Right? Right. So here's that. But I am serious. Pin my clothes!

You might notice that that is a very colorful outfit. Very stripe-y. And purple tights? And crunched-up ankle socks??

This is NOT something 2012 Chloé would have put on. Sure, it's something she would have bought and LIKED to wear, but she did not have nearly the cajones and gumption to go out the door in that. But that was old me. Or I guess middle me, since high school me was very ballsy and had a "honey badger" attitude. Old Me wore what made her feel beautiful and acted how she wanted, no matter how "crazy," "eccentric," or even "obnoxious" that made her.

Then 2012 hit Chloé and she forgot who she was. She wore a lot of green because her boyfriend liked that color best (And I don't even like green!). She straightened her hair for him. She stayed in because she wanted to be a good girlfriend, or a good student, or whatever. She made "safe" choices. That 2012 version of me had lost her inner edge and her drive and made choices because those were the choices she was supposed to make.

My 2013 goal is to find me, again. To find that spice and zest for life. To sing loud. To travel. To be a glittering, huge, dynamic personality. To wake up and not worry about my weight or my curly huge hair or how big my butt is.

Everyone should give this a shot. It's pretty cool to wake up and feel free and easy, without the weight of the whole world on your shoulders.

Take it from a girl who has spent way to much time and a stupid amount of energy on what she thinks other people want her to do. Life is too precious and too beautiful to lose yourself, a wonderful creation of God, in the shuffle. And we deserve so much more than to be a subdued, watered-down version of ourselves.

And if making bold fashion choices are a part of that, then alright! Sounds good to me. I feel damn fine in this outfit, horizontal stripes across my hips or not. The Chloé I am finding this year just doesn't care.

And that, my loves, is a great feeling.