Monday, February 25, 2013

Oppa Gingham Style

Happy Monday everyone! 

I have a confession to start with. I am obsessed with Gangnam Style. And I am not ashamed. People love Harlem Shakes and lip syncs of Call Me Maybe. But I love Gangnam Style. I think the whole thing is just great fun and hilarious. My awesome little brother and I can do the whole dance and entertain the rest of family with it on a regular occasion. It is on my Pump It Up morning playlist next to Barbra Streisand and One Direction and The Cranberries. I am even listening to it while I write this blog post.

So that is my Monday confession.

This week is already taking off, and next week is midterms and the week after that is Spring Break and then and then and then... I hope I have the steam to get everything done and avoid double-booking myself - that's always hard. 
 It is important for me to find ways to de-stress as well. I am no good to myself if I make myself sick. And, as a college student, my destressing has to be cheap or, better yet, free. So very little shopping, even with all the wonderful thrift and consignment stores here.

I have reading, and this blog and, of course, my shows.  So my new show obsession is pretty split between The Big Bang Theory

And The Walking Dead

I love them! They're interesting and each is exciting in it's own way.  There's really no deep philosophical reason why I watch these shows. They don't make me ponder the reason of life. And that is totally ok!  

For church yesterday, I went out on a limb fashion-wise. And I loved the outfit. It fun and exciting and little bit fairy-flapper-grunge style.
Military jacket - thrifted $6 
Dress - thrifted $15
Tights - Target $5
Boots- thrifted $5
Necklace- thrifted $0.99
Owl Pin - Gift from my Little Brother

Ok, and then my hair, which my mom, who was visiting for the weekend, did for me. It was so great. I feel like it is the closest to a dread look I will ever get, and it showed off my ombre really well.

And that headband is just a scrap piece of green and white gingham that she wove through the hair into the low ponytail. When we wound up parts of the ponytail, we spiraled into them as well.

Happy de-stressing, and fashionista-ing, and happy day in general!