Thursday, February 7, 2013

Knights in Shining Armor

(: She wore the dress, and I stayed home. :)
White Christmas.

This is one of my favorite movies. Of all time. And I watch it all year round. I watched it today, since I was sick on the couch, and, man, I just love it. Every time. And I am pretty sure this love does not just come out of fever.

This movie takes us back to a time when time was simple - the worst thing that could happen was the housekeeper eavesdropping on your well-intended phone call, causing the love of your life to temporarily leave, but then everything is fixed by a song and dance number and we all live happily ever after.

Bing (we're on a first name basis) has a good line about knights' in shining armor. He says something to the effect of "I don't know what your knight did to fall of his charger, but he'd really like to find a way to climb back up there." And that was the moment we knew that Bob and Betty had to get married, because he was her knight. 

No, that was actually once the boys dressed up in drag to help the girls escape the police, but I digress.

I don't know if, at this point in my life, I believe in those knights on chargers. I think that every girl is definitely a princess, but maybe she doesn't need a boy to save her. I think she, we, I can fight her, our, my own battles.

That dragons can be killed by knights, AND,  sometimes, we turn out to be our own knights.

Princess Leia is a badass. Sure, Luke and Han rescued her, but don't think for a second that she wasn't in that cell thinking of a way out of there. She didn't need a knight in shining armor: she could slay her own dragons, or Sith Lords or whatever.

And once she found and lost her knight, she went out and got him back. She walks into the gangster's house, pulls the pin on a grenade, and demands to be paid for it. And she gets him to hire her. Then, she strangles him and rescues her knight in a bronze bikini. WHAT? I think I need to get me one of those.
Betty was lucky to have a knight like Bob and Han was lucky to have a princess like Leia. But it's not like either of them sat around waiting for the other person to show up. They got stuff done to get what they wanted out of life.

One of the biggest issues I have with my ex is "Well, we'll just wait and see" and "Whatever happens happens." Um. No. Relationships take work and we have to be each others knights in shining armor. We have to be there to save each other from whatever dragons we face in life.

My knight in shining armor happened to be a moron in tin foil, unfortunately, but I relearned that I am also a warrior. I am a queen. And so are you.