Saturday, February 23, 2013

Faith And Trust And Pixie Dust

Peter Pan. One of the best books of all time. As well as one of the enduring and endearing stories, adaptation after adaptation.
Peter Pan, for all his flaws and arrogance, maintains his youth and childlike wonder. The world and what it offers never ceases to amaze him.
We, as young adults, are passing from life's preliminaries into the final round. We have to grow up a little bit and prepare to be adults and go to work and school and get stuff done. 

Just because we have to work does not mean we have to lose our Peter Pan-like wonder. In order to explore and see new things and take risks, I have to have my faith, and trust, and a little bit of pixie dust in order to get through anything. 

To me, that means that I have my faith - my faith in God and in myself - and my trust - in my skills, my practice, my teachers, and friends - and the pixie dust - which I see as a little bit of belief in the impossible, in magic, in luck. 
With those 3 things, how could I be grounded?  That is all Peter Pan needed to soar above the clouds and in between the stars. 

Happy thoughts can make us soar. And sometimes happy thoughts are hard to come by. That's where Peter Pan's love for the world comes in. Because he is constantly exploring and experiencing, he always has new happy thoughts to feed off of and keep him bouyant.
The animator's have reportedly said that Peter Pan was one of the hardest characters to draw because they had to create a character with the appearance of being weightless. To create a character with no mass.  To create a character who wasn't weighed down by "real life."

Peter Pan's aren't always great at real life. They prefer magic, and magical thinking, a world filled with promise - like a bottomless cookie jar -- and no demise.

However crazy this might seem - or 'unrealistic', as cynics always call dreamers - people need Peter Pan's too. It's the levity that helps to keep us afloat, the magic that gives us lightness of touch -- what the French call legerdemain -- grace under pressure, wonder, and hope.

The eternally young are always beginning, delighted by what lies ahead. We need to believe in beginnings.